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> The kab'a i have been told that it was build by ibrahim (as)
> also, one the people went to sleep then it was all of a sudden it was
> there allah(swt) put tit there which one is it?
> thank u for your time and help

Ibrahim built the Ka`bah with his own hands along with his son Isma`il.
The Qur'an states:

"And when Ibrahim was raising the foundations of the House and
Isma'il saying: O our Lord, accept this work from us. Indeed you
are the Hearing, the Knowing"

[{Surah Baqarah, verse 127}]

However, most scholars are of the view that the Ka`bah was not first
built by Ibrahim. Rather, it was constructed at the time of 'Adam
and Hawa'. Then through the passage of years, the Ka`bah deteriorated
naturally (probably due to the frequent floods that that region
experienced). So, when Ibrahim got to it, he found the foundation
of the four walls at level with the ground (or a little below the
ground). He then placed bricks on top of the foundation to raise the
height of the walls and make a completed structure. This is the
meaning of the words "Ibrahim was raising the foundations of the House"
in the verse above - indicating that the foundation of the four walls
already existed.

A proof from the Qur'an that the Ka`bah existed before the time of
Ibrahim is:

"Indeed, the first house [for worship] constructed for people is the
one in Bakkah [Makkah], it is blessed, and a guidance for the entire

[{al-Qur'an, chapter 3, verse 96}]

Most exegetes of this verse state that since the passive voice is
used (i.e. "constructed for people"), it indicates that humans themselves
did not first build it. Rather, the angels first built it for `Adam.
Then, `Adam later reconstructed/renovated it (probably due to
deterioration). Then as mentioned above, Ibrahim many years later
reconstructed it again after nothing was left of it but the base foundation
for the four walls. And as you probably know, th Ka`bah
was reconstructed yet again by the Quraysh when Prophet Muhammad was
still a young man.

[FQ: volume 1: page 546: line(s) 18: {explanation of verse 3:96}]

>  GH line 32:1319 implies that the Prophet (pbuh) is buried in between Abu Bakr and 'Umar.
> When I went to visit the Prophet (pbuh) I was told that he is buried first (as you enter his Masjid
> from the door so that the qiblah is on your right) then Abu Bakr is next, and 'Umar is next to
> him in turn. I have also read this in other books. Please can you explain if I have misunderstood
> GH line 32:1319.

It seems that what you state is the dominant position and the one closer to being correct. We will
note this in the Notes of Sources and the Previous Answers Section. We based our statement on
less authentic sources which stated such (for example, a dream narration in the al-Mayyarah
al-Kubrah which stated that Abu Bakr was on the right in the `Alam al-Barzakh and `Umar was on
the left with the Prophet (May Allah bless him and give him peace) in the center). 

For now, you can metaphorically understand this as "Abu Bakr is Rasullullah's right-hand man
and `Umar is also his authorized representative on the left."  Or you can understand this as their
position with the Prophet (May Allah bless him and give him peace) in the interworld (`alam
al-Barzakh).  But as for the actual placement of their grave, what you state is closer to the
correct positions (but we are not sure if they are in a straight line).

We apologize for any misunderstandings that may have resulted
from the GH line verse which was chosen for reasons of rhyme
and we will continue to clarify any such ambiguities in the
Notes of Sources.-

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